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GHOUL (2015, horror), KAJÍNEK (2010, thriller), THE LAST SEASON (2006, TV series), THE PIED PIPER (2003, musical), GUINEA PIGS (2000, documentary), NOT TO BE AFRAID AND STEAL (1999, comedy), A ROAD THROUGH HELL (1995, thriller)


Mgr. Petr Jákl

director / producer / screenwriter / actor

Petr Jákl was born on September 14th 1973 in the Czech Republic and got a master degree at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. From his childhood Petr devoted himself to sports and he became Champion of the Czech Republic in judo 10 times. His sport career culminated during the Olympic games in Sydney in 2000, where he was representing the Czech Republic. Since 1992 he is also active in film industry. He started as an actor and a stuntman in Czech movies and later he was casted into many big Hollywood productions. Shooting with directors Luc Besson (Joan of Arc) and Rob Cohen (xXx) were important turning points in his film career, as they both helped Petr to develop his acting career further. Later on Petr started producing and directing and after his debut thriller Kajínek he directed a horror movie Ghoul. And Ghoul became worldwide success also thanks to help from Rob Cohen. Thanks to the success of both movies Petr is represented by WME agency and currently he is preparing his new historical movie Warrior of God and also he is developing several other international projects.

Selected acting filmography:

Borgia (TV ser., FR, DE, CZ 2011); Kajínek (CZ 2010); Bathory (GB, CZ, SK, HU 2008); Born Into Sh*t (CZ 2006); Pterodactyl (US 2005); Alien vs Predator (US 2004); Eurotrip (US 2004); The Pied Piper (CZ 2003); Men of Action (US 2003); xXx (US 2002); Angelina (FR 2001); Bad Company (US 2001); Not to Be Afraid and Steal (CZ 1999); Joan of Arc (FR 1999); A Road through Hell (CZ 1995)

Directing and producing filmography:

  • THE COMMANDER (pre-production) – director, screenwriter, producer
  • Ghoul (2015) horror – director, co-writer, producer
  • Kajínek (2010) thriller – director, screenwriter, producer
  • Krysař (2003) musical – producer
  • The Last Season (2006) TV series – producer



Petr Jákl is represented by

manager LUKE RIVETT, Anonymous Content
Petr Jákl owns a film production company J.B.J. Film which was established in 1992 and is specialized in production of feature movies. His agency Genesy is focused on social events, film and TV casting, stuntman workshops and advertisements production.

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